Dynamic GraphQL API that allows you to add columns rows and tables to your API and automatically have it update

Use it directly in your Frontend code (ex. React app, Vue.js, Graphite), or connect it to your favorite NoCode App

Search by Field

Support for finding root nodes by matching any field's value

Get Multiple Records Back

Get all root nodes by not specifying any argument

Filter by multiple criteria

Filtering by multiple criteria allows you to dive into search and look for exactly what you want to return

Advanced Filtering (using Queries)

Use advance filtering by querying the data

Comparison operators: _eq , _ne, _gt, _gte, _lt, _lte

Logical operators: _or, _and

Sanitize Tables & Fields names with camelCase

We will automatically transform your column headers & field names into camelCase to make them easier to call


Partial/Greedy Search

Coming Soon!


Support for Mutations / Write to Airtable

Coming Soon!

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